My mother didn't knit or crochet, but she could sew very well. A child of the Depression, she was very frugal. May father, a child of the Depression, was determined to live better than that, and lived large. So my mother sewed her own clothes, but told my father that she had bought them at various fancy department stores (I. Magnin in La Jolla, most often.)

In honor of her love of a bargain, and her ability to make-do and make-better, I decided to have a Sweet Mother's Day Sale, because my mom was very sweet. And kind and smart and funny and talented and interested in absolutely everything. I really wish she could see where I live now, and my little shop. She would be very happy with all this.

So please come by and take advantage of some nice bargains, or just say hi. We always love to see you.

The sale runs Thursday 10am-8pm, and Friday & Saturday 10am-5pm. More info on facebook.