It's that quiet time of year, or so we expected. We've actually been quite busy! Thanks to all you customers! Nevertheless, we will remain CLOSED ON WEDNESDAYS THROUGH WINTER. We will, for the most part, be in the shop anyway, so if you need something don't hesitate to call. If we are in shop, we will welcome you, though with limited services. That is, no winding, and no technical support. Best to call first. 

The main goal for us, as we begin the new year, is to complete the process of setting up a POS system. Hello 21st Century! We've been working on it for about a year, and we're almost ready to launch, but need focused time to complete the last steps. Hence, Wednesdays.

CLASSES scheduled for Wednesdays will proceed as usual. We'll be in 30 min before class times to assist with any shopping needs you may have, and of course to greet you and help you get settled. Our classes have been selling out! We'll get more on the schedule asap! We always love to hear what classes you hope to find here, so please let us know your wishes.

WINTER HOURS are a little shorter, too. We will be closing at 5pm (except on Thursdays, our Knit Night, when we're open 'til 8pm) because it's dead quiet after 5. We started staying open til 6 a few years ago. I'd say we've had less than 5 customers after 5pm in that whole time. We want to be available to people who work (like us!) but it doesn't seem to be needed. If there's an evening class, of course we will be open for business right up to class time, usually 6:30pm. And if you're in need of something, even a little thing, and can't get to us before 5, just give a call. Most likely we'll be able to accommodate you.

Thanks for your patience while we grow the business to better serve you. We appreciate your loyalty and friendship very much!