Our wonderful shop gal, teacher and friend, Amy Sment, is moving to Virginia. This is wonderful for the Sments, but sad for Altman's and all our customers.

Amy has been at Altman's for over 3 years, and has been such an integral part of the shop's success. She's a talented designer, an expert knitter, a great teacher, a generous friend with a sparkling sense of humor, and has reliably offered warm and knowledgeable customer support for the entire time she's been here. I especially want to mention that she's been a sturdy friend to me through some pretty difficult times. I can't thank Amy enough for her friendship, and for helping to get this shop on its feet and keep it going through thick and thin.

Amy's last day is Wednesday, June 22, so come on by, if you can, to say goodbye. We'll have refreshments in the shop, and lots of knitting going on, too, of course.