A smart person once said, "there's no time like the present." And so it is. Now is the time for us to update and rearrange and get ready for spring and summer. To be efficient about it, we are going to be CLOSED on MONDAY, TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY, MARCH 14, 15, 16.

If you are desperate for supplies, and you know what you need/want, we will not deny you. Probably we will be doing most of our work in the shop, so bang on the door and if we are in, we will help you out. No lessons, groups, helpful hints or advice, though. Amy and Stacy will both be out of town anyway!

The most exciting part of this (for me, the shop-owner) is the long-awaited implementation of our new POS system. That means we will soon be able to keep better track of the inventory, and classes, and all the numbers associated with running a business. That means we will be learning how to use a computer rather than writing our receipts on charming old fashioned tablets. That means it might get ugly, by which I mean slow. But we should be up to speed before "the busy season," or at least that's the plan.

We are very sorry for any inconvenience; it just has to be done.

BONUS! Keep your eyes open for a FLASH SALE coming up, and for a fun CONTEST we will run when we are up and running again. It will be worth the wait, I promise.

Thank you for understanding and supporting us so well, and for making us so busy that we have to upgrade. Your business and friendship is very much appreciated.

Stay tuned to this blog, or our facebook page, for up-to-date goings-on about the shop.