Thank you to all our wonderful customers who made 2016 a successful business year. Thank you to all the gals who worked in the shop and made that possible - I swear I have the best team anywhere. Thank you to all those who brought their warmth, kindness and generosity through these doors, and offered hugs and sunshine when it was most needed. I appreciate you all very much. 

Reminder: we will be closed the first week of January, reopening Saturday January 7. There's much to do to count the inventory and prepare for the new year. There will be no sock circle this month. We will be closed on Wednesdays at least through February, except for classes, so that we can work on the inevitable kinks as we set up a new system.

We begin 2017 with gratitude in our hearts and stitching ideas bubbling in our brains. Altman's will continue to be a safe place, a sanctuary from reality, and as happy a place as we can make it. We hope you will join us as we move onward into a new year. Wishing you all the very best.