Happy Thanksgiving!
We are grateful for so much, but especially you, our wonderful customers. Thank you for your loyalty, your kindness and generosity, your humor, and for sharing your inspiring projects. You are the reason we love to come to work! Thank you, thank you.

This holiday season our hours will be the same as always. This means we will be closed on Sundays even during the high shopping season. I always want to be open all the time, just in case someone needs something to succeed with their projects. I know what's it's like to work all the time, needing Sunday to shop etc, and I'm truly sorry if our being closed on Sundays is an inconvenience for you, especially when there's usually so much extra to do this time of year.

Today, the day before the big day, we will close at 2pm. On Friday, the day after, we will open an hour late (so I can get back from out of town) and close at our usual 5pm. We just might have some specials for you....

Saturday is SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY. Always a fun and busy day, as we show our gratitude for you by offering special discounts and surprises. Our small business appreciates you big time. American Express offers a great give-back. Find more info at


PS: There are a few new classes for December. Check 'em out at our Classes tab.