Welcome, 2016. Glad to see you. 2015 presented some difficult challenges, but the beginning of a new year is the perfect time to sort and reset. Here's some of what's in store at Altman's this year.

VISITING TEACHERS and SPECIAL EVENTS. We are lining up some interesting and exciting teachers for the special workshops we will have every other month. During the months between, we will host yarn tastings and trunk shows, so there will be something new and inspiring to participate in during every month of the new year.

MORE KAL's. Everybody enjoys stitching a project together, but not everybody needs a class. So we are lining up bi-monthly KAL's (planning to add CAL's too) to knit or crochet together, and maybe learn a new technique or trick along the way.

THE SOCK CIRCLE. This new group meets the first Friday of each month, and it has been a big success after only 3 months. In addition to the free get-together, we also offer a $5 sock technique workshop. Our monthly Sock Circle newsletter contains lots of patterns, so be sure to scroll down when you get your email reminder.

CLASSES. New projects, more technique workshops, plus our new Cast-On Class, where we will help you get started on your new projects. Also new: SEWING instruction for adults. Learn-to-sew plus project-oriented classes will be offered.

SEWING CLASSES FOR CHILDREN: Learn-to-sew classes have been so much fun and will continue forever. Kids come after school; home-schooled kids can attend morning classes, too. My new syllabus is looking good. As always, these classes are by appointment.

SEWING: I love to sew and will be doing a lot more of it this year. I resolve to make and wear something new every season! We already have some great sewing patterns for women's clothing, and notions, too. I'm planning to expand on this!

NEEDLEPOINT AND EMBROIDERY: New classes, materials and projects will fill out this department. I've been working on my own kits, and I have my eye on some great new needlepoint canvases.

FUNCTIONAL THINGS THAT WILL MAKE SHOPPING EASIER:  NEW P.O.S. SYSTEM. I know so many of you like our quaint hand-written receipts. Me too. But so not efficient! To keep better track of inventory and make bookkeeping faster and more accurate, a computerized P.O.S. system is a must. This might require a week-long closing to get set up. Will keep you posted, of course.

ONLINE SHOPPING. Slowly but surely we will have our products available for you to purchase online at our website. 

NEWSLETTER. In addition to our class schedule, we will be sending a brief newsletter every month, to keep you posted on news and specials.

Wishing you an inspired and productive year ahead, and, as always, happy stitching!