Winter has finally arrived, which means there might be some odd shop hours here and there, depending on weather. I will keep this blog updated with changes throughout the stormy months.

It's such a beautiful morning here right now, with bright blue skies and sun creating long crisp shadows, it's hard to imagine that a storm is right around the corner.

Snow (a blizzard!) is predicted for this weekend, with high winds and extra cold, so even if there's "only" 6-8" of snow on the ground here, it might be very treacherous on the roads, and outside under falling branches. (Much more snow is predicted for neighboring cities and states.) We want everyone to be safe, so let's take it easy and wait for better weather to do our running around.

If you are a stitcher, you are probably pretty excited to have an excuse to stay indoors and do some serious work, and maybe you've stocked up on your supplies. If not, today's the day!

SATURDAY: We will be open the usual hours (10-5) UNLESS the storm is truly stormy, meaning I wouldn't want Amy or Judy or Stacy to be driving to and from work because the roads are even slightly unsafe. So if you're thinking of coming in, please give us a call first (298-7181) to be sure we will be here for you. We always want to be, but nature is a crazy mama.

SUNDAY: Reminder - we are closed on Sundays until April.

Wishing you a safe and cozy and craft-filled weekend. See you soon.