It was so nice 'n easy to say "Every day 10 til 5" but that just doesn't make us available to anyone who works every day, which is more than half the population. (I know I'd like to be able to shop here if I worked somewhere else!) So, starting October 20, we are expanding our hours to be open until 6:00pm on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. These new hours make an easy and logical segue into our evening classes, which always start at 6:30, and I hope will make it easier for our hard-working customers to get the goods and support they need.

We will continue to be open until 8pm on Thursdays. That's when we hold our popular open knit night (6-8pm), during which you can also crochet, needlepoint, embroider or sew. It used to be called The UFO Group, to help people get those unfinished objects completed, but now it's just a happy free-for-all, and we've adopted the generic LYS name of Knit Night.

No change for Friday and Saturday: 10-5. We'll be open Sundays 11-3 through the end of the year. (Sundays will get a winter break January-March, reopening in time for the next YARN CRAWL April 7-10, 2016.)

A shout-out to Stacy, who was, with Amy, one of our first-ever UFO Group participants. Stacy came in that snowy night in 2013 with a needlepoint project she began in 1987, and last month she finally finished it! (In fairness, she picked up knitting along the way and has become a mad knitter of super tidy stitches, like her needlepoint work.) At Knit Night last night we gave her a pillow we had made with her needlepoint. It's beautiful! Congratulations, Stacy!