GOOD NEWS: The new class schedule is all set now, and it will soon be up here, under Classes, with all the details and links for signing up. Magically, it seems, we've already sold out of our Block of the Month classes, including the third one we added by popular demand. The morning Knitting 101 is also sold out, while there are still two spaces available in the PM session. More Knitting 101 will be offered in the near future, and there is always the private lesson option.

BUT UH-OH: There's a big nor'easter brewing, they say, which is hard to imagine right now as it's clear, sunny, and even kinda warm today. But the storm is supposed to hit tomorrow, Monday, voiding all plans for Tuesday. Did it have to come on the day when we are starting Knitting 101?? So those classes will have to be postponed to start a week later.

We will be open on Monday 1/26 from 9AM (yes, that's an hour earlier than usual) until about noon, depending on how the weather develops. (If nothing dramatic happens, we'll be open til 5 as usual.) We will be there for you because we don't want you to be stuck indoors without your stitchery stuff!

If you're in the storm zone, I hope you can be home, comfortably stitching away on your favorite project(s) until the roads are clear and the sun comes out again. Let's all take it easy and stay safe. Happy winter!!